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RegFly the Spammer

I posted a bad experience with, I didn’t know their registrar accreditation has been terminated until recently. What a wise decision by ICANN! But it’s not the end, they seem to operate under different domains such as,, etc. Now they spam me every day for a domain renewal since one month ago, despite that I have transferred the domain to GoDaddy last year.

What an annoying company! Please do me a favor and disappear!

Why RegisterFly Still Exists?

I bought a website one year ago, the domain was at RegisterFly, so I just registered an account and made the transfer easier. At the beginning, I got an email that the domain couldn’t be auto-renewed, although my account has enough balance, I didn’t know why. Now one year later, the domain was expired, and I didn’t get any emails about it!!

The website was 7 years old and listed in DMOZ. Sigh!

I can’t believe such a company still exists!!

Expired Domains

When register a new domain, you should avoid expired domains if possible. Google bans expired domains automatically, which will leave your website out of Google’s index for at least 6 months.

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